We are best known for our work with bats

Not only do we remove the bats present, we exclude others from entering the structure using proper materials. Shortcuts and quick fixes are not part of our arsenal. We do what’s necessary to get them out and keep them out. We do not use foam and silicone to fill cracks, but rather depend on sheet metal to eliminate gaps and cracks through which bats enter. A quality bat proofing job should not be visible to an untrained eye. We want to make improvements to your home rather than bandaiding the problem.

Bats are considered beneficial animals, in certain situations bats, however, pose a threat to human health. Histoplasmosis is a disease associated with bat guano and bird droppings. When droppings accumulate, a fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum) can grow and produce spores that may cause histoplasmosis when inhaled.


If you have a bat control problem, we inspect every inch of your home and find all the exit and entry points causing your bat concern. We offer a complete wildlife control inspection and we provide full service wildlife control for Southern Minnesota. Our complete services are listed on the right.